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CreepTD runs online and on all desktop operating systems!

Select your edition below. It's free and a real challenge!


Pure gaming.

CreepTD is the #1 Multiplayer Tower Defense

According to the biggest and most respected tower defense portals in the web, CreepTD is the most played and best rated multiplayer tower defense game available.

CreepTD is free

There are no charges at all. There is nothing to purchase to play better.

CreepTD does not require personal data

You do not need to provide any personal data to be able to play CreepTD. Just select an arbitraty player name and a password to play.

CreepTD runs everywhere

The game client has been written in pure Java and runs on every plattform that supports it. It runs on Windows, on Linux, on Mac OS and in every browser - even within Facebook.

CreepTD is small

The game and all its features fit in just a few megabytes. It also requires just minimal bandwith and can be played even with a slow internet connection like ISDN or similar. Additionally, all game contents are downloaded on demand only when needed.

CreepTD does not require a high end computer

The game has been optimized to run fluently on every just-for-office computer.

CreepTD is available in different languages

As of today, CreepTD has been translated into a variety languages and everyone is free to translate it into his native language, too.

CreepTD has a strong community

Besides providing the #1 tower defense experience available, there are forums about everything concerning CreepTD. Most of the game's maps and advanced tactics have their origins there.

CreepTD encourages players to contribute

There are lots of maps, themes and sound sets created by community members and everyone is free to create some on his own.

Players about CreepTD

„I love tower defense and this one is ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! That's the best part. Tons of maps, skill levels and an awesome ranking system. I'll never gonna stop playing this game!“ - Chadworthy

„I play CreepTD because there is the human element behind my opponent and there is much strategy involved. Best TD game out there!“ - MadChris48

„CreepTD has many good qualities: Beginner as well as expert friendly, not hard to start off, all players are nice and the admins and the players help you with troubles. Love this game!“ - BahamutRox

„No TD has ever compared! Having human opponents changes the game completely. This game is great! Love it!“ - GhostStalker

„Man, this game got me so addicted that I spend most of my free time playing it... I've waited a long time for a good TD not written in flash for GNU/Linux.“ - cyberkiller40

„I love that game! For me it is the best towerwars game in this universe.“ - Vantor

„I have always liked tower defense style gaming but the reason I keep coming back is the multiplayer aspect. There is no final boss, no conclusion in sight and always a new strategy to try out!“ - Australis

„CreepTD gives new players an easy chance to become a really good player. I play it since last year and I can say it is the best TD game ever!“ - KiQuafix

„It is a kick-ass game!“ - Bloodlustnv

„This is one of the best tower defense games because it has: Decent graphics, online multiplayer, many friendly players, much strategy involved, many maps and game modes and it doesn't get boring after a few plays!“ - jensj

„Two questions: How is this free? And why are you so awesome?“ - SunNoise

„It supports Mac, Linux AND Windows. I'm impressed.“ - Wafflecomes

„I like TD games so i definitely love this!“ - TheReaper09

„Awesome! This is the best tower defence game I've played. So many maps, so many people to play with, and challenging enemys.“ - Draliendude

„Easy to learn but hard to master.“ - Thordred