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Welcome to CreepTD Developer Central!

CreepTD enables developers to add their own maps, graphics packs and sound sets to the game. This page will cover all neccessary information you need to get started with development.

1. Introduction

CreepTD is unique. It's both developer friendly and a professionally developed RTS game suitable for e-sports. To keep you on track we are providing all neccessary information on this page to get you started as a developer.

1.1 License

CreepTD itself is Freeware and all contributions made by the community are licensed to CreepTD either under the Standard CreepTD Contributor License Agreement or the Exclusive CreepTD Contriburor License Agreement. Please read the according license file for detailed information.

CreepTD Freeware License
CreepTD Standard Individual Contributor License Agreement
CreepTD Exclusive Individual Contributor License Agreement

2. Embed CreepTD into your site

The easiest way to embed CreepTD is to use the following short code snippet. This code will render the game at the position you copy it to with a size of 933x700 pixels.

Or: Embed CreepTD as a Flash file

If you do not have the possibility to embed the game by copy and paste, it's also possible to embed our Flash based game launcher. All you have to do is to add the Flash file to your CMS or similar and it will automatically make sure that the game is loaded at the Flash files position in the browser window.

» Download our Flash based game launcher

If it does not show up, please make sure script access for Flash is enabled inside the <object> element's declaration.

Or: Let us handle this for you

If you do not have the chance to embed Java or Flash content at all, there is still something we can provide you with. Use the following simple link code to show the game on top of your own website:

This link will automatically determine the site linking to it when clicked and display the game on top of the referring web page.


3. Reporting bugs

When encountering bugs, please report them using the in-built log window. To open the log window, just press Ctrl+L on your keyboard. Please also provide detailed information on how to reproduce the bug. This will help us keep track of all issues to fix.

5. Extending CreepTD

If you are a developer or would like to become one, there are various possibilities to extend the game on your own.

4.1 Creating your own maps

In fact, most of the maps that are available in the game have been created by the community. So, if you have a really cool idea, feel free to try it by yourself.

» Learn more about creating your own maps

» Get inspiration and help at the Maps forum

4.2 Creating your own themes

If you are curious about new towers, creeps and sounds, there is also the possibility to create your very own custom themes for the game. Everything is possible.

» Learn more about creating your own themes

» Get inspiration and help at the Themes forum

5. Translating CreepTD

We try to provide the game and the website in as many languages as possible. To do so, we require you to translate the game's and site's texts from english, which is the default, into your native language.

5.1 Translating the game

If you feel like translating CreepTD is something you could do for us, please have a look at our translation editor. It's possible to take over an already started translation or to suggest an entirely new language to be included.

» CreepTD translation editor

» Get help and discuss at the Translations forum

5.2 Translating the website

The website can also be translated using the translation editor.

» CreepTD translation editor

» Get help and discuss at the Translations forum

6. CreepTD replay format (*.ctdr)

CTDR files are designed to supply developers with some additional worth. For that, every CTDR file is basically a ZIP file containing a set of files as its contents including the actual replay info and a screenshot of the game when the replay was closed. Every CTDR file is structured like this:

˫ screenshot.jpg    Screenshot image
˫ info              Game information
˫ csum              Checksum
˪ data              Replay data

So if you'd like to supply replays of your games on the web you can use the screenshot as a preview and read the 'info' file for additional info like participating players. The info file's contents looks like this:

@key The unique game key as seen in the statistic page's url (
@name The game's name 
@map The map played 
@mode The mode played as a numeric value (see the PHP library for all mode values) 
@seed The game's unique seed for random number generation 
@playedAt Timestamp the game has been played at (CET) 
@player 1st slot (top left) player info 
@player 2nd slot (top right) player info 
@player 3rd slot (bottom right) player info 
@player 4th slot (bottom left) player info 
@version The game version

If a player slot is empty it just contains the word NONE as it's player info. If it is not empty, player info is structured like this:

tempClientId playerName languageCode countryCode xp skill

Also an example replay file is available. Just download it, rename it's extension to ZIP, open it and take a look at the files.

7. CreepTD Data API

CreepTD is open in design and allows you as a developer to access lots of publicly available data directly via our API.

» Accessing the CreepTD data API

8. Share knowledge with other developers

There are many other developers working on extending CreepTD. To exchange your knowledge with others, we encourage you to visit and use the forums.

Have fun and creep on! :-)