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Welcome to the CreepTD Quick Start Guide!

My name is dcode and I am the creator of the game. I want to show you a few of the basics that will help you to get started on your way to become a CreepTD guru - step by step.

CreepTD is a somewhat complex game in the beginning as it comes with a variety of game modes that all play a little different. In some game modes all you have to do is to build towers for your defense while others additionally add another factor for success: The income.

As a result, you will probably feel like "WTF am I supposed to do here? Did I just lose?" if you just enter to some random game. However, if you follow this guide, you'll quickly feel comfortable.

Your very first game

So, if you are entirely new to CreepTD, you might want to pick the easiest of all game modes to get a first impression of how to play. To do so, first of all click "Create game".

Select "Survivor" as the game mode using the "Bounty Hunter" scenario, like shown above. This exact game mode is the most straight forward and easiest as it requires you to build towers for your defense only. It's much like other classic tower defense games that you might have played before. As this is your first game, you are also better off to play a solo game. It's also a good idea to select an easy to defend map in the beginning, let's say: PROVINGGROUNDS.

Compare your settings with the screenshot above. Let's create it and press "Start".

As soon as the game starts, creeps will enter at the bottom side of the map. It's your task to efficiently place towers alongside the path to prevent them from escaping because this would cost you one of your 20 lives each time a creep passes through. In "Survivor, Bounty Hunter" your goal is to withstand as long as possible. When the game ends, your reached round will be added to the global highscore table.

As you can see, only the "Defend with towers" buttons are active in this game mode and at the beginning you can afford three types of towers: The Gun Turret, EMP Emitter and Cannon Tower:

Each of these towers has different strengths and weaknesses and you can find out pretty much everything about them by taking a quick look at the manual. The Gun Turret, for example, is a solid and cheap basic turret while the EMP Emitter is able to slow down creeps and the Cannon Tower deals splash damage to multiple targets at once.

The key to success therefore is to place the right towers at the best positions to defend each wave of creeps as cheap and efficiently as possible. Likewise, the best building spots usually are those where towers are able to shot as often as possible, like so:

In this example I placed an EMP Emitter to slow down creeps so that all the other towers have time to perform more shots. I also placed a Cannon Tower to do splash damage to weak creeps in the beginning and a bunch of Gun Turrets to finish off stronger creeps later on.

This setup usually is capable of defending the first wave and each time you kill a creep, you will receive a bounty that will allow you to build more defense.

As soon as you are facing stronger creeps, you bascially have two options: Build more towers or upgrade existing ones. As you can see above, I decided to upgrade some of my Gun Turrets to be able to kill the Large Manta.

As a rule of thumb it's better to upgrade towers at great building locations (upgraded towers usually do more damage in a larger range) while it's better to build more towers if there are still some equal building spots left and tower range is not an overly important factor.

Unfortunately I failed to kill the Large Manta, so I decided to put down some more Gun Turrets to still catch it. Again I have two options: Keep these additional Gun Turrets after the Large Manta is killed or sell them for 75% of their initial price to invest more credits into my prior defense to make sure this doesn't happen anymore.


That much said, you now already know the very basics of CreepTD and will probably already do better than in this example in your next game. Feel free to play around with the different tower types for a few games in "Survivor, Bounty Hunter" and if you feel like you are missing something or want to improve your play, always take a look at our detailed manual.

However, when looking through the manual, you will quickly find out that there is much more involved to play near to perfect or even to beat human opponents in a heads-up game than just building a few towers, like:

You just scratched the surface of what you can expect but you already have the tools at hand to become better with every additional game you make, so hold on and, if you wish, jump into competitive play as soon as you feel ready for it. Btw: Also "Survivor, Bounty Hunter" can be played in multiplayer!

This guide is a recent effort to provide beginners with the very first steps to adapt the game. If you struggle to follow it, please leave me a quick note in the forums on what is still missing or misunderstandable. Your forums login is the same as for the game itself.