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Redline [16x16]

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Fast Nova
Fast Nova

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Post 04.04.2020, 02:09

Redline [16x16]

My newest iteration in the CreepTD maps, Redline, have a premise of quick games, and i've employed a design that is challenging to plan ahead, specially during the heated stages of the game. I picked up the concept of the Highspeed, but employed my own original art style and path design. The two loopings at the end was also inspired into the legacy map FlyingOrb.

Map Layout:

Through the entire path, creeps moves twice as fast, skipping one tile except during strategic spots of the map, where they slow down to their normal speed. The creeps will do two full laps before returning back at the entrance again.

Game files (dataset):
[author] => DJmarcos
[size] => 16x16
[entrances] => 1
[exits] => 1
[path segments] => 47
[overgrounds] => 45
[undergrounds] => 2
[splittings] => 0
[joins] => 0
[min-lenght] => 47
[max-lenght] => 47

map assets
(65.1 KiB) Downloaded 78 times
- DJmarcos


Post 04.04.2020, 02:09

Re: Redline [16x16]



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Post 13.04.2020, 11:57

Re: Redline [16x16]

Start and and should be underground elements. Really fast map. :)


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