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Team App




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Post 13.05.2015, 00:22

Team App

Hey not sure if you guys still need any help or not. but I would like to help out in any I can. I noticed there Is hardly ever an admin on. I haven't even seen a maptester since I started playing again.

I guess what I want to do most is Test Maps. I haven't quite got down to making them yet but I'm close.

I've been using gimp for years but just got it again. I've never made paths but I used to to make gif's.

As soon as I am able to make maps I will be posting them on a regular basis as I feel this game needs more maps. There is too many 16x16 for me. I would tike to see another 20 32x16 maps and another 10 32x32


Post 13.05.2015, 00:22

Re: Team App




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Re: Team App

Hey Dude

I don't think, that there are any mods/maptester needed.
As you see, there are only a few people online now, and those can be handled by krunx and seraph.
You may have notized, that there where only a few problems in the "cheater/bad boy"-section.

Also there are a lot of hidden Maptester.
They don't have that rank shown here in the forum. Also you can't see the overlay ingame.
I am also kind of a maptester I think.
As I like coop games more then other, and there are only a few people online, its hard to evaluate new Coop Maps.

So I think the most important job you can do to support the game is to promote it on sozial plattforms and that kind of stuff. Also its usefull to be a nice and kind player to new players, so they won't leave the game fast. We still need a big playerbase ;)


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