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Final Survivor implementation - What do you think?



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Express Raptor

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Post 16.10.2012, 17:44

Final Survivor implementation - What do you think?

As you noticed there are still no Survivor rankings or high score.
The reason is that we are unsure about how we set up the final Survivor settings.

In this Thread i give (my) idea about Survivor settings and i want that you help us discussing pro's and con's or even make a complete different suggestions.

My goal: A survivor system for newbies till pro's. For all something what's worth to play.

So i would set 3 difficulties: EASY, MEDIUM and HARD

Bounty Hunter - no income management, 100% kill credits, difficulty set to 100% (no other options, less confusing for newbies)

Invaders AI with income management and 20 or 25% kill credits (normal are 10-7%) so you can survive some time with the bounty hunter tactics (building at start, no invest) but they will learn the basics of income management and cheaper defense.

Big Combo AI with income management and normal kill credits (10-7%)

Now the most important point: How difficult it should be?

My idea: we are currently working on a formula to find a good percentage for each map.
I would like to have a hard match, nearly no endgames with full defense.
e.g. ~ 125% at Quadcore, ~ 110% Circlevector, ~ 105% Redworld, ~85% Speedvector
The goal should be surviving longer then others, not build a full defense.

I would set these % for Medium and Hard, but medium should be much easier with this because of the kill credits and weaker AI.

A Second idea:

Bounty hunter - to chill and for newbies
3 different difficulties for the Combo AI (easy, medium, hard)

with hard percentages approximately like i suggested and -10% and -20% for medium and easy

and invaders AI no longer (because it's just the non-saving version of the bounty hunter AI)

What do you like more? Do you have other ideas?

p.s. Sorry for all spelling and grammar mistakes.


Post 16.10.2012, 17:44

Re: Final Survivor implementation - What do you think?



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Post 16.10.2012, 17:48

Re: Survivor ... what next?

I personally tend to the Casual (Bounty Hunter), Easy/Normal/Hard (TheBigCombo) way of doing it because it keeps the old survivor as it was before and allows everyone to learn by working his way up from easy to hard in a mostly real-world sending scenario. I'd say this provides the best learning curve possible and makes up the clearest impression so that everyone is able to get the point about it easily :)
Think it, design it, build it, run it. That's what I do.

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