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Is this normal?




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Post 05.10.2015, 13:53

Is this normal?

Hi all,

I just created a game and this happened. Dzirdi started to offend me without any reason. Isn't it against the rules?

14:30 eaplusc has joined!
14:30 eaplusc» Hİ
14:30 Dusko» hi
14:31 epicur has joined!
14:31 Dzirdi has joined!
14:31 eaplusc» HF + GL
14:31 Dzirdi» why not a normal game?
14:31 muc089 has joined!
14:31 eaplusc» lets go in
14:31 Dzirdi» dusko too bad for a real game?
14:32 Dzirdi» 1574...dont make me laugh
14:32 muc089» :O
14:32 Dusko» i like random more
14:32 Dzirdi» that subhuman
14:32 Dzirdi has left...
14:32 muc089» provocation
14:32 muc089 has left...
14:32 epicur has left...
14:33 eaplusc» idiots
14:33 (Private) To Dzirdi» i like random more, if you don't like it, do not join my game....
14:33 eaplusc» they already see the game type before joining the room
14:33 (Private) Dzirdi» subhuman
14:33 (Private) Dzirdi» i dont care
14:33 (Private) Dzirdi» you son of a rat
14:33 (Private) To Dzirdi» ?
14:33 (Private) Dzirdi» you are just scared
14:33 (Private) Dzirdi» to lose rating
14:33 (Private) To Dzirdi» and what?
14:33 (Private) Dzirdi» thats why you play random
14:33 eaplusc has left...
14:33 (Private) Dzirdi» game almost full
14:33 (Private) To Dzirdi» you can eat that?
14:33 (Private) Dzirdi» prove me different
14:33 (Private) To Dzirdi» cant
14:34 (Private) Dzirdi» cause you suck,i know
14:34 (Private) To Dzirdi» less than you
14:34 (Private) Dzirdi» ive beaten
14:34 (Private) Dzirdi» you
14:34 (Private) To Dzirdi» me too
14:34 (Private) Dzirdi» EVERY SINGLE TIME WE PLAYED
14:34 (Private) muc089» play against dzirdi and destroy him
14:34 (Private) Dzirdi» SO SHUT THE FUCK UP
14:34 (Private) To Dzirdi» omg, you must have problem with your life
14:35 Worf has joined!
14:35 (Private) To Dzirdi» you shut the fuck up and go crying to your mother
14:35 Worf» hi
14:35 Dusko» hi
14:35 (Private) Dzirdi» you muslim
14:35 (Private) Dzirdi» damn subhuman
14:35 (Private) Dzirdi» such a bad noob
14:35 (Private) Dzirdi» scared
14:35 (Private) Dzirdi» scared
14:35 (Private) Dzirdi» shit
14:35 (Private) Dzirdi» rat
14:35 (Private) Dzirdi» much talk and no acting
14:36 (Private) Dzirdi» are you realy from russia?
14:36 (Private) To Dzirdi» you don't even know the flags
14:36 (Private) To Dzirdi» ...
14:36 (Private) To Dzirdi» go back to school
14:36 (Private) Dzirdi» slovakia
14:36 (Private) Dzirdi» seria
14:36 (Private) Dzirdi» yugo
14:36 (Private) Dzirdi» all the same
14:37 (Private) To Dzirdi» that's your opinion
14:37 (Private) Dzirdi» you are not russian
14:37 (Private) Dzirdi» you are just a scared prick
14:37 (Private) Dzirdi» no matter where you are from
14:37 (Private) Dzirdi» no skill
14:37 (Private) Dzirdi» no life
14:37 (Private) Dzirdi» and no balls
14:37 (Private) Dzirdi» auschwitz is your solution
14:37 (Private) To Dzirdi» you know it best
14:38 (Private) To Dzirdi» our last game was 27.8.
14:38 (Private) To Dzirdi» and you finished second
14:38 (Private) To Dzirdi» so what now?
14:39 Worf has left...
14:39 (Private) To Dzirdi» another one 22.7. - you finished third, me second...
14:40 (Private) Dzirdi» pure luck
14:40 (Private) Dzirdi» 6 weeks ago
14:40 (Private) Dzirdi» talking about the past
14:40 (Private) To Dzirdi» 4.7. me first, you second
14:40 (Private) To Dzirdi» still luck?
14:40 (Private) Dzirdi» it is luck
14:40 (Private) Dzirdi» you will never beat me again
14:41 (Private) To Dzirdi» that's right, cause I will never play a fucker like you...
14:41 (Private) Dzirdi» cause you are a subhuman
14:41 (Private) Dzirdi» past glory
14:41 (Private) Dzirdi» is your present
14:41 (Private) Dzirdi» as i said
14:41 (Private) Dzirdi» auschwitz
14:41 (Private) Dzirdi» revsolves all your problems
14:42 (Private) To Dzirdi» psychiatrist will solve your problems
14:42 (Private) Dzirdi» because you are
14:42 (Private) Dzirdi» a useless human beeing
14:43 (Private) Dzirdi» i need a psychiatrist?
14:43 (Private) To Dzirdi» according to your speech, sure


Post 05.10.2015, 13:53

Re: Is this normal?



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Express Raptor
Express Raptor

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Post 05.10.2015, 15:10

Re: Is this normal?

It's normal for Dzirdi, he insults everyone. Just ignore that attention seeker but for some of his messages he really deserves a ban. For Example that part with "Auschwitz".
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Post 16.10.2015, 06:36

Re: Is this normal?

Wäre ein toller Name für Spa mit Sauna :D
Ich kann damit leben "King of Noobs" zu sein. Jetzt habt ihr Stoff zum h4t3n.


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Large Manta
Large Manta

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Post 24.10.2015, 23:00

Re: Is this normal?

lmao did the same stupid thing to me, i think he hates anyone better than him? w/e

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