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CreepTD and Windows Taskbar




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Post 17.08.2013, 12:48

CreepTD and Windows Taskbar

I´m used to have my Windows Taskbar automatically hidden.

However every time i play CreepTD, that function stops working like it should be. The Taskbar rises like the mouse is over it and it didn´t goes down.

This is annoying because i can´t access bottom part of desktop / programs / browser.

This happens since i remember. I don´t know if it has something to do with Chrome Browser, because sometimes i minimize it a few times and then everything goes ok but definitely it only happens when i play CreepTD. Other times i have to kill explorer.exe process and run it again. I use the Windows version, not browser version. Windows 7 HP x86.


Post 17.08.2013, 12:48

Re: CreepTD and Windows Taskbar



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Post 18.08.2013, 07:29

Re: CreepTD and Windows Taskbar

it works fine for me
try to run another java apps to see if the problem persists
the problem could be also some registration entry. Try regclean or ccleaner both free and will not harm your pc
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