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[RESOLVED] A guide on connection problems / lags



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[RESOLVED] A guide on connection problems / lags

Hello everyone,

some of you keep asking me why they are encountering severe connection problems or lags now or then. So, to make my answer as helpful as possible, I am going to post a guide here :)

  1. Does everyone suffer from similar problems?
    It's probably because the CreepTD servers and/or our datacenter's internet connection are/is experiencing problems. As soon as I am informed (e.g. send me a PM), I'll try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

  2. Is it only me / a fraction of players?
    If the problem is isolated in any way, meaning that there are players that are not experiencing any problems, the problems are probably not caused by CreepTD and most likely cannot be solved by me.

    1. If just players on a specific ISP* / in a specific region are affected -> Talk to your ISP* and let me know!
      There is a slight chance that it's not the way between you and your ISP but between your ISP and CreepTD, so also drop me a PM for my files. You should also be aware of the fact that all CreepTD servers are located in Germany (make sure round trip / ping times are never larger than 2000ms). Servers are connected to multiple large-scale international backbones.

    2. If there is no obvious pattern like the above -> Check your local soft- and hardware

      1. Java: Just CreepTD and other Java-Apps are affected (maybe uninstall / install Java)
      2. Computers: Network settings, Network load, Firewall, Antivirus ...
      3. Switches, routers, hubs and modems: Local network load, settings (try to power them off and on once)
      4. Wireless LAN: A pretty common reason even if you got all the bars (try a cable instead :!:)
      5. Internet connection: The problem comes and goes, e.g. depending on internet-rush-hours (talk to your ISP*!)

Legend: Problem near you / Problem in between / Problem near CreepTD

(*) Internet Service Provider, e.g. "Deutsche Telekom AG" in Germany or, if you are on a shared network like at a student's hostel / your company / internet cafès, your local network administrator

That's all I know. I hope this guide will help you to pinpoint any individual problems for lag-free gaming :)
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Post 18.06.2013, 21:57

Re: [RESOLVED] A guide on connection problems / lags

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