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assistance, tips, tricks, help :)




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assistance, tips, tricks, help :)

I want to get better, more efficient and quick thinking within a moments notice.

I am interested in anyone's ideas or advice as to how I would go about such an adventure.

I can play survivor, random games, and watch others play, however I seem to be one of those that learn best with actual game time. Do you think playing many, upon many survivor games would assist me? Perhaps to get to know the maps better, or should I stick with playing with others: ava, 2v2, etc. I am not that interested in coop at this time, though I suspect it will grow as the individual game grows.

What should I focus on? What should I practice?

Things I know, but struggle to implement within a moments notice:

Sending at end and beg of rounds.

My main goal lately has been INC, and defense second, though my lives struggle massively because of this.

Is there anyone willing to teach me, or play with me and inform me as we play?



Post 22.07.2013, 05:03

Re: assistance, tips, tricks, help :)



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Post 22.07.2013, 11:21

Re: assistance, tips, tricks, help :)

Your workout:

Find 3 maps you like and get the first place in every survivormode.

With others

Play 6x 2vs2 coop as attacker and 6x as defender
Play 6x 2vs2
Play 10x 1vs1

And finally play mass of all vs all with three other players.

Randomsend, Sendtonext and Survivor Coop is for your fun.

It is not important if you play on long or short maps. Important is that you practice many situations and learn how to handle them.
The survivorpart will give you a bunch of situations you have to master with low deff to get a high income. This will help in the 1vs1, because this is very important to deff perfect. Every mistake can give your enemy a headstart and it will be hard to win the game.
When playing your teammate you can focus on attacking or defending, so you have enough time to see how combos work and you have also time to improve your waves.

Take a deep look in the guide How To: Send Creeps I think you read it already but nevermind read it again.
Very important is Tower and Creep Stats because it can help you to improve your combos. Only a handful player improved theire waves.


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Post 22.07.2013, 11:48

Re: assistance, tips, tricks, help :)

Best Practice:

Play 1 vs.1 against Players with high Skill!

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