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CreepTD - Review



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Post 10.11.2013, 13:30

CreepTD - Review

My favorite video game genre is strategy gamey they can be turn based, real time and tower defense then I found CreepTD I was so amazed by the originality and how a simple java written game could beat AAA games of strategy genre.

When I started playing I was the biggest noob all around my first twenty matches I lost but I had so much fun.

Secretly I had this desire to be like a high skill player and now that I archive it I must say is by far the worst time I had playing the game so I decide to do this review not because I´m disappointed but his current state but because I truly love this game and I don´t want to see it fading away.

Back then I saw a vivid community usually doing tournaments giving amazing ideas and promises like clans and a custom mod but now I see great maps gaining dust and great ideas forgotten.

But my greatest concern is by far the gameplay mechanics. The game rewards the player to press 4 all the time! Instead of sending tier 2, 3 and 4 creeps if this is the way that is meant to be played I must be the biggest noob ever. I like to win yes but in top of that I want a great game where players give no room to breathe and the feeling of safety to their opponents.

Nowadays when I open a game with even 1100 limit skill I must wait 20 minutes minimum. Do you want to know why? Because there is an idea of idolizing skill that made many players to become skill whores, yes it´s true they prefer to play a game they know it will be easy to win and even so they spam mantas all the time to have a much greater safe game and higher income.

Things like this make me want to be the noob who lost his first twenty matches. Since I don´t have that chance I decided to quit the game until I see real changes.

But in the meanwhile try to advertise and promote the game posting on various sites and you can do it freely with no charge just contact them on these famous sites.



Good games and have fun.
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Post 10.11.2013, 13:30

Re: CreepTD - Review

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