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Lets pitch in money for Dcode.

PostPosted: 04.05.2020, 00:10
by PlixFiz
What if all of us, the community, all throw some $ down to have some work done to the game or at least something? id be willing to pitch in even $100 if other people did as well.

Re: Lets pitch in money for Dcode.

PostPosted: 28.05.2020, 09:19
by mirko854
If i could still buy pro, i would.

Re: Lets pitch in money for Dcode.

PostPosted: 28.07.2020, 10:28
by lFelck
Sure, I'd be down.

But didn't he say a few years ago, that some parts of the source code got lost?
And even if that wasn't true, there would be a large legacy code base to dig into.
Such stuff is tedious and takes time.
I honestly don't have much hope, one could motivate him to do so.

Apart from that I'd be glad to pay some bucks to get the biggest ingame issues fixed. And a patron title of cause! ;)

Re: Lets pitch in money for Dcode.

PostPosted: 20.09.2020, 18:33
It doesn't seem as if money is an issue here. Apart from code getting lost, a lot of things need to be redesigned, especially the graphics, otherwise people who have FHD displays would look down upon it even if the game is advertised. And considering that some of the source code is lost too could mean that this project might require efforts equivalent to that of a new project.
However, the much I want the game to be worked upon, I believe dcode has better ideas if he's about to go for a new project, considering his current project is on web assembly...
I jut hope some miracle happens and CreepTD stands tall again, even taller than before. :)