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I found the company with the cure for covid, hiv, and more

PostPosted: 01.04.2022, 16:38
by PlixFiz
Enzolytics, publicly traded $enzc ... paper.html ... rdSeq=1377 ... D1YBTAYaPT

Twitter @enzolytics
CEO Twitter is @drgauravchandra

They are producing fully human monoclonal antibodies, using AI to target the conserved sites on viruses to prevent virus escape, they have scanned the worlds largest collective of over 2 million COVID-19 strains, and have found 19 conserved sites that exist on all strains, same with HIV and other viruses.

This company could potentially revolutionize medicine with REAL CURES for diseases , personally, i am heavily invested into this company and i have been for over a year now, but things are starting to heat up now.

do not take this post lightly... :)