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Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 13.07.2019, 21:33
by DJmarcos
Hello community. As requested i've worked on another map project, this time it is an 32x16. I present you the SpaceStation.

For the Full-Map perspective, click on the Spoiler below:

The Map mechanics:

The creeps will be sent from the Left (Right if playing on the bottom board) and will exit through the bottom right. Each creep will stop at the clocks zone, before finally marching towards the end.
It's worth noting that the path is not very extense! The creeps will be leaving quickly if you left them unattended.

The special tiles on the middle works as a traffic signal - The green arrows denotes the path where they can follow while the red signs that they can't go that way. Note that they will ignore them if the previous arrow told them to move ahead.

A hard-to-defend map, Spacestation was meant for Player vs player gamemodes, but can also be played in the same manner as any other Survivor games, though it's noticeable more difficult in those modes.

Author: DJmarcos
Size: 32x16
Starts: 1
Ends: 1
Splittings: 2
Undergrounds: 2 (Start and Exit Only)
Overground: 107 (Total) |Starting path: 7 | Route A: 53 | Route B: 47
Blocked Tiles: 366

[Edit] The Files were updated to match the new layout. Added the new and Full-Sized Screen.
--- Update 16/07/19:
- Fixed two broken coordinates. Located at the Entrance/Exits were a buildable location, wich was not intended.
- The Creeps now immediately enter and leave the map without staying atop them for a while.

--- New Update: 14/07/19:
- New Path Formula: The creeps will only follow two pre-defined path segments. They are weighed between ~66% Main Route and ~33% Alt. Route. (The main route goes towards the blue clock, whereas the Alt., to the orange at the bottom.)
- New Start/Exit regions: The Creeps spawn directly into the black holes. (Previously was offset to the edges of the screen)


Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 13.07.2019, 21:43
by Seraph07

Survivor values:

Easy: 101
Medium: 107
Hard: 110

Let's see if this workes like you planed it.

Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 13.07.2019, 23:06
by DJmarcos
Updated the Map Design:

I've removed the obsolete "bridges" mainly because the design ended very messy after the creeps started spawning in it. They spawned right at the middle, wich was cleary not intended.

The new layout makes an allusion to the popular game Portal 2. The Creeps will enter through the Blue Black Hole and exits through the Orange one. The path remains the same.

New Layout:

Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 14.07.2019, 06:55
by Seraph07

[author] => DJmarcos
[size] => 32x16
[starts] => 1
[ends] => 3
[splittings] => 2
[joins] => 0
[overgrounds] => 140
[undergrounds] => 4
[min_length] => 47
[max_length] => 60
[url] =>
[thumbnaill] => Image

Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 14.07.2019, 17:48
by DJmarcos
Tested it myself on the Easy difficulty. The portal effects were ok-ish and worked quite well, but they seem to spawn or exit at the edges of it (It's a minor graphical effect, in reality during a gameplay, this is barely noticed).

Before this i would like a feedback on the map as a whole: Liked the design? The difficulty was ok? The path is understandable? Show in the reply below and i will try to retweak it if necessary.

Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 14.07.2019, 19:57
by Seraph07
I played it only on survivor Bounty Hunter and Big Combo Easy and I have to admit that I was not able to tell all the time where which creep was going.

I deffed at the center of the map because it is not worth to built deff on four different spaces which worked okay but there is one slightly shorter path which sometimes routed creeps away from my deffspot and they could get much easier to the end than the other pathoptions.

The map needs to be tested in a 2vs2 coop setting because thats the main category for 32x16 maps but I think most players focus on surivor nowaydasy because of the lack of players and the "randomnes" factor does not count much for survivor with the same setting every game.

The designchoices are good. You can see every creep and it is not blurry or otherwise distracting. Aridlands had a much easier setting, this one is compex and feels a bit messy.

Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 14.07.2019, 22:58
by DJmarcos
I can re-work the path, mainly into the splitting parts. It feels that the creeps leaves way too fast. I will be considering extending their lifespan by taking multiple routes before exitting. It might help to balance things out.

I've got a few solutions:
- Keep this path layout, but extend the creeps playtime before leaving
- Assort special handling for the Splittings (Example: 66% chance to pick Path A, 33% to pick B, 1% to Continue the original path)
- Change slightly the path layout in the intersections, changing the directions the creeps may take.

I'll implement those changes, then Update the main post when it's ready.

[Edit] Done, i've changed the path routes and the map is now ready to be evaluated.

Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 15.07.2019, 05:51
by Seraph07

Survivor values are resetted.

New mapdetails:

[author] => DJmarcos
[size] => 32x16
[starts] => 1
[ends] => 2
[splittings] => 2
[joins] => 1
[overgrounds] => 107
[undergrounds] => 0
[min_length] => 54
[max_length] => 60
[url] =>
[thumbnail_url] => ... tation.jpg

The map is now easier to deff and the path easy to recognise and follow. If it tourns out that it is too easy to deff we can reduce the stops in the blind alley. I still deffed in the middle (Survivor Bounty Hunter) but with the three stops it's more favourable to build there too.

I really like the stops at the start and end. It is fitting the portal theme well.

Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 15.07.2019, 11:17
by Seraph07

Further testing is still required but it is good enough to be in public. Good job on this map DJmarcos.

Re: Spacestation [32x16]

PostPosted: 15.07.2019, 19:03
by DJmarcos
Thank you Seraph, it's nice to have a new 32x16 map on the roster :).

Now i'll leave it the way it is for the players to try it out and enjoy. If necessary, i will re-work the path design, but i believe this new layout will suffice.

[Edit]: I've tested it on bounty hunter: The map is quite challenging in BH, one has to settle in a quick defense before the creeps start arriving (and they come fast!). Overall it's a nice endgame map for advanced players. It shall be very interesting in PvP modes, but we will have to wait until that happen.

[Edit 2]: While playing i could see two buildable spots next to the entrance/exits. They weren't intentional and were left as an oversight. I've Updated the map asset files, so it can be re-uploaded. Now the creeps enters and exits the board immediately, instead of staying atop them for one tick.

This was the last update i've made on the map, it can be re-uploaded now.