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Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 12.06.2019, 22:04
by DJmarcos
Hello everyone, so i've just created my first map, it's a 16x16 one with a real simplistic concept. It's also my very first map, so feel free to comment what you think about it :).

[Edit] Updated Information. Down below is the old (in red) and the new (in green) info about it.

Size: 16x16
Entrances: 1
Exits: 1
Loops: 1
Undergrounds: 0
Sections: 63
Blocked Spaces: 33 > 25


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Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 14.06.2019, 09:08
by Knappe8
That's a nice map.
It will definitly get accepted.

Even though it is certainly not needed... how about polishing the circle in the middle a bit?
In the 4 player version it looks a bit odd.


Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 14.06.2019, 17:20
by DJmarcos
Thanks Knapper. I'm looking into it, to polish and let the middle circle smoother for the 4-Players view. Also i'm thinking about removing the middle bridge and turn it into a normal asphalt path. I'll be posting an updated version soon.

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 14.06.2019, 18:44
by DJmarcos
Map Update:
The new version of the map is slightly different from the original version. The path remains the same, but there are now less blocked cells, allowing for more tower placement.

- Removed the bridge on the path segment. Now the entire path follows a common design;
- The bottom pond has been made smoother, so the design is now congruent in multiplayer matches.
- Reduced the size of the middle pond, reducing the amount of blocked cells there.

[Edit] The new map assets and information can be seen on the top post. Sorry for the Double-posting, i'm still getting the hang of internet forums :/

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 19.06.2019, 11:47
by Knappe8
Now we have to wait for someone to approve this map.
This may take some time. But I am sure it will be in the Map Pool soon. Well done Mate!

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 20.06.2019, 21:47
by DJmarcos
Yeah, hopefully we will see it in the game. Curiously, i was browsing in the game, and just noticed that my map looks quite similiar to the map REDCREEP.
The main differences is that in my map, there are only one main loop and mostly consists of straight paths.
I hope that it won't impact my chances of having the map accepted, as it was entirely coincidental.

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 21.06.2019, 08:35
by Knappe8
Your Map is way different!
Don'T worry. It will play really in another way!
Yours is shorter and harder to defend.

There may be other maps, you could compare it to, but nothinglike it.

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 21.06.2019, 18:47
by DJmarcos
Yes, like i said, only quite similiar, but that was probably because i took a glimpse at the 4-Player perspective. Now it's just a matter of waiting for an official response. Also, if it gets accepted i've got some ideas with me that i might implement on another upcoming map as well :) (This time, a 32x16 one). Let's just wait now for an Map Officer/Administrator to evaluate it.

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 10.07.2019, 20:51
by Seraph07
Thank you for sharing your map with us and sorry for the long delay. I didn't expected new maps this year.


Survivor values:
Easy: 103
Medium: 111
Hard: 115

[author] => DJmarcos
[size] => 16x16
[starts] => 1
[ends] => 1
[splittings] => 0
[joins] => 0
[overgrounds] => 61
[undergrounds] => 2
[min_length] => 63
[max_length] => 63
[url] =>
[thumbnail] => Image

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 13.07.2019, 03:56
by DJmarcos
Thanks for accepting Seraph, i'm glad it was evaluated at last :D.

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 13.07.2019, 12:52
by Seraph07
Are you planing to create more maps? I am thrilled to play new maps and the ones I haven't added yet are not worthy for CTD.

The feedback for The Big Combo Easy was that it's to easy. Can someone please test Medium or Hard if it is possible to built a fulldeff? Otherwise the values will stay.

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 13.07.2019, 18:06
by DJmarcos
Indeed i am Seraph. I've been thinking about future designs for 32x16 and 32x32 respectively, but recently stopped working on them because i was awaiting the evaluation for this map first.

I've tested the map (Bounty Hunter) and i got to say that it is, in fact,easier than most others. Mjochen achieved wave 119 on The Big Combo: Medium, as you can see in the highscore page.

Re: Aridlands 16x16

PostPosted: 13.07.2019, 19:04
by Seraph07
New survivor values:

Easy: 107
Medium: 115
Hard: 119