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[16x16] ANEMONE

PostPosted: 12.12.2012, 15:17
by ikedelic

felt like trying on a map, here´s the outcome:

- How long is the path: 135
- How much inputs and outputs are available: 1 each
- Did you use special features like clocks, loops or impasses in your map: start & end work with underground segments, on one spot it should stay thrice the time (field '7,6' , thats a clock? i just put that spot 3 times in a row ...?))

anemone.jpg (71.19 KiB) Viewed 6313 times

map-file not validated, as i don´t have a place to upload and check ....


Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 14.12.2012, 09:55
by ikedelic
... warum sagts denn keiner was?=)

hier noch mit zeichen und anderer farbe, bitte um kommentar oder hinweis
ob maps noch erwünscht sind. ist der pfad zu langweilig? grüße, tom

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 14.12.2012, 14:22
by C0re
Gute Maps sind selbstverstädnlich immer erwünscht.
Ich finde den Pfad spannend und das Design auch schön (beide Versionen).
Bezüglich Tower-/Creepsichtbarkeit hatte ich leichte Bedenken, aber eigentlich müsste man alles erkennen.
Zuerst dachte ich, der Eingang sei links und die laufen dann nach rechts unten, das hätte mir nicht gefallen. Jetzt wo die Pfeile da sind und ich erkenne, dass die im 4er dann aus der Mitte rauslaufen, gefällt mir es schon besser. :D

Eine Kleinigkeit ist mir doch noch aufgefallen. Könntest du noch ein Bild vom 4er machen, ich weiß nicht ob das gut aussieht, wenn das Gras gedreht wird, da wir es ja nicht gewohnt sind, dass Gras seitlich bzw. herunter wächst. ;)

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 14.12.2012, 19:39
by ikedelic
there u go:

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 15.12.2012, 17:32
by westfalen
Also ich weiss nicht... für mich sieht das so aus:

Daher .. bin ich nicht vom Pfad begeistert...

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 15.12.2012, 21:58
by Pezinator
Alter so langsam geht mich das jetzt echt an. Fahrts mit den scheiß Hakenkreuzen ab!! Man findet in jeder Map eins!! Aber who cares. Das sieht kein ..... !
Was mich viel mehr stört ist, das Gras. In der Mitte sieht der Wirbel zwar cool aus. aber auf der Seite bin ich von dem Gras nicht wirklich überzeugt.

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 16.12.2012, 02:22
by Bianca1989
Ich seh nie irgendwo Kreuze oder ähnliches ^^ Vielleicht will ichs auch nicht sehen ;)
Zum Pfad: Er ist recht lang, Stoppuhr würd ich keine reinmachen. Aber das ist deine Sache. Ich finde die Map ist so schon einfach zu deffen und dann noch Stoppuhr?
Zum Design: Ich find das zu bunt, ich persönlich bevorzuge ja immer eher "einfaches Design". Man kann schon Farbe mit rein nehmen aber ich finde dass hier zu viel Farbe im Spiel ist..^^ Gras ich weiss nicht.. Ich finds nicht so toll in der 4er Ansicht.

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 16.12.2012, 02:23
by Darkblades
westfalen...du kannst auf fast jeder Map ein Hakenkreuz finden.

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 16.12.2012, 14:09
by Pezinator
Hmm maybe we should talk english. Well. As I said in my brevious post. First of all nobody cares about that stupid swastikas. Why do you always try to find them even if nobody else sees them.

But let's talk about the map now: I think the grass doesn't look good. Maybe the grass swirl in the middle looks ok. But the grass at the sides definitely doesn't. Moreover I think that you don't see the path good enough. In the bright areas it's quite hard to see everything.

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 16.12.2012, 14:19
by westfalen
Aktually, we are 5 people and all of us saw that swastica symbols and all of us said lol there is a swastica ... because of that i posted it.

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 16.12.2012, 18:03
by Pezinator
have you got 5 different minds? :D Come on NOBODY FUCKING CARES about swastikas you don't see!! WOAH there are 4 left curves. Let's hate the map and don't let us say anthing else. Ok. the rules forbit swastikas. But only if they are made on purpose and as many people already said, if you have one left curve on the right down outside of an map you instantly got an Swastika. So what now? forbit left curves???

I just scrolled through the list of all maps and instantly found 5 maps with swastikas. What's now??? Delete all the maps?

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 16.12.2012, 18:44
by westfalen
What ever you say sir :D

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 26.12.2012, 10:08
by ikedelic

so what we do? the swastika issue is a funny one for me,
as i live in india, and here its a symbol of the sun, visible
everywhere, loved and adored by the people, since maybe
3000 years, long before the little man misused it. so if u speak
of the swastika, what do u speak about really? why give the
nazipunks this kind of power? i agree that we must act to stupid
ideas, but can we not judge properly, i mean it´s flowers!! and
psychedelic as well, the fuehrer would have had me for that i suppose.
so as an outspoken antifascist i recommend not to go search for
hidden symbols unless u have good reason to suspect a political
statement. AND IT IS FLOWERS!!!

someone with a little authority here tell me pls if and what changes
we should go for, i still like it as it is.

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 26.12.2012, 13:33
by Seraph07
There is no need to change the path.
The issue is not that apparently.

I like the design and the path.
But can you show us some alternative pathcolors where we can see the creeps better?

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 26.12.2012, 14:57
by aleqqqs
i would take a little saturation out of the purple flower in the center, i think its too much contrast.

also, i like to have a little border stroke so you can see instantly where one map begins and the other starts.

regarding the swastika: hilarious. when i saw the swastika post, i first thought it was a joke xD

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 26.12.2012, 15:41
by dcode
I am quite unsure about the design. For me it looks like some random (too) colorful image somewhere from the web that got a path painted on top of it.

Re: New Map 'ANEMONE' 16x16

PostPosted: 26.12.2012, 19:14
by Magneto

Für mein Geschmack nen bisschen zu bunt !!!


Re: [16x16] ANEMONE

PostPosted: 22.01.2017, 15:28
by Seraph07
Added to Testing

Surivor values
Easy: 117
Medium: 121
Hard: 125

[author] => ikedelic
[size] => 16x16
[starts] => 1
[ends] => 1
[splittings] => 0
[joins] => 0
[overgrounds] => 136
[undergrounds] => 2
[min_length] => 138
[max_length] => 138
[url] =>

Re: [16x16] ANEMONE

PostPosted: 02.10.2018, 16:29
by Seraph07
Survivor values
Easy: 114 --> 109
Medium: 118 --> 117
Hard: 122 --> 121

Issue found. The path does not end outside of the map. Will be updated soon.

Path is fixed.

The map is now one field longer. Have fun breaking the highscores. ;)