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Application: English Mod

PostPosted: 26.12.2012, 16:44
by Australis
To whom it may concern, find below my application for English Moderator

Main account: AustraIis

Name: Matt

Age: 29

Location: Australia.

Occupation: Uni Student

Time playing: Towards 2 years now

Language: English (Australian/British English but can use American English if required).

Availability: Im already very active, even if just spectating while i study. So would expect i could commit to being active around 30hrs or so per week as a conservative estimate.

For dcodes dreamlist:
Maps: I have used the map editor to create/test some ideas for paths but to-date no maps created and i don't have the graphics software or knowledge to finish one for the time being.
English/German language: Only speak English, no useful German language skills. However i think i could still be of some assistance as far as proof reading or tidying up English text related to the game.

So with that said if i am unsuccessful with this application for a mod position i will still gladly offer my assistance to the team if they require it with presenting something in English for the game, as in proof reading or anything of this nature.


Re: Application: English Mod

PostPosted: 26.12.2012, 16:52
by Seraph07
Your application is processed.

Re: Application: English Mod

PostPosted: 11.01.2013, 19:09
by EasyX
Like some already noticed we accepted your application. Welcome :)