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BahamutRox Team Application

PostPosted: 25.12.2012, 19:40
by BahamutRox
Real name: Eric McAllister
Usually-used nicknames: BahamutRox; Larten2
Age in years: 14 years.
Country of residence: United States of America
Real world occupation: Unemployed; Freshman in Highscool

dcode said he'd like an application from an English speaking player that:
[x]- natively speak english as his first language
[x]- play the game for a while already so he knows it inside out
- also understand german to help me translate and answer stuff
- know the basics of creating maps and stuff like that (mustn't be advanced on that, though)
- know how the translation editor works to be able to answer questions on that (it's quite simple)
[x]- be temperate in language and decisions

I've [x]'d the wants I meet. I can learn how to use the Translation editor, since it's quite simple, I've just had no need for it. I know how to make a map, although I've never actually done it; I can look into that, though.
I'm more than happy to learn more about,... anything, to be honest, to fit into the Team.

I do have a time-limit of when I'm allowed on my computer: On weekdays, it's 3:00pm(15:00) (Eastern Standard Time) to 9:00pm(21:00); and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), 8:00am(08:00), to 10:00pm(22:00).

I've been playing the game for quite some time now, as BahamutRox, and I know how to play the game, strategies, mechanics, etc. I also have a bunch of experience being part of a admin team on other games. They're not as structured as CreepTD is, but at least I have experience. :)

Re: BahamutRox Team Application

PostPosted: 25.12.2012, 21:41
by Seraph07
Your application is processed.

Re: BahamutRox Team Application

PostPosted: 25.12.2012, 21:57
by BahamutRox
Okay, thanks.

Re: BahamutRox Team Application

PostPosted: 06.03.2013, 00:34
by krunx
Your application has been rejected at this time.