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Team: Map testers

PostPosted: 23.10.2012, 18:20
by dcode
If you...
  • already created maps for CreepTD
  • commented constructively on other player's map suggestions
  • have advanced experience in using image editing programs
  • know the ins and outs of the map syntax (AMFS)
  • behave in an exemplary manner in the forums
  • are able to help others, especially new players, in a motivating way
  • are good at arguing in English (bonus: a little german)

...and are interested in helping the CreepTD team out in evaluating new maps, giving motivating and constructive advise, improving others' map suggestions on your own and packaging them for distribution, then maybe you should apply to become a Map tester!

Please send us a list of maps that you created and tell us a little about why and how you qualify for this task. Thank you!

Open positions: 1, maybe

Re: Team: Map testers

PostPosted: 25.02.2014, 23:16
by PlixFiz
im interested in testing maps, but i do not know what map syntax is or anything, but out of the 100s of towerdefence games i have played i know what a good map should look like.

Re: Team: Map testers

PostPosted: 25.02.2014, 23:40
by krunx
You can apply in user groups, but I already have added you now...