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Discord bot for CreepTD

PostPosted: 12.05.2021, 17:52
by Maqui
Hi everyone !
I worked on a Discord bot using CreepTD API. It currently supports 7 commands :

* playerstats : To get some stats of a player
* history : To get the game history of a player
* map : To get some stats about a map.
* randmap : To roll a random map
* link : To link your Discord account to your CreepTD account (It allow you to use "playerstats" and "history" commands without argument and your friends to mention you as an argument.)
* unlink : To unlink your Discord account to your CreepTD account.
* setlanguage : To change the language of the bot for the current server (english and french are availables for now)

My bot is also using the new Discord slash commands system so you have to use "/" as a prefix !
As my bot is new, it can contains some bugs or translation problems.
I'd like you to tell me if you see something not normal so I can fix it or if you have an idea to improve it.
Thanks !

Link to invite the bot :