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Improved Statistics Browser Extension

PostPosted: 27.07.2018, 11:06
by NEb0
I have created a browser extension which replaces the flash-based charts with native javascript.
Mainly, I've done it to mitigate flash-related bugs in chromium, but then i decided to make some new useful features:
  • Zoom and pan at any point on the chart
  • Logarithmic scale display
  • Separate accumulated and per-round values
  • Estimated money charts
  • Show/hide 'lost lives' annotations
The extension is free of course, and open-source (under MIT license).
You could install the ext by the links below:
If you have any suggestions/design/feature improvements, you can fork it on github and make a PR, or create an issue, or just describe it here at this topic. Please note, that I don't get any new values from the server or the game, I can just arrange values given (on original charts) and render them at every way you want. So, for example, the money chart is just an approximation and totally calculated from income/sellings/spent money. I have no way to get what exactly creeps are killing, that's why the value has a big error especially at the start, but nearly constant in absolute value during the game.

Thanks for 'early-alpha' testing to Ego and MJochen. Now I hope it more or less stable:)

Re: Improved Statistics Browser Extension

PostPosted: 07.09.2019, 03:01
by NEb0
More than a year has passed, i can't not notice the jvarg4do's work: he sent me a lot of bug-reports, especially at firefox. also, we made a diffirence-view for all the charts and so on