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Suboptional Mapdesigns

PostPosted: 12.04.2017, 08:19
by Seraph07

Image description:

Many maps lack of a good pathdesign.
We can cover this disadvantage with using the vector vision Hybrid.
Vision is one of the key factors for a good gameplay.
You can't beat what you don't see!

What do you think about the new pathdesign?
Wich maps need this update?

Zipfiles with the updated pathdesign not final.
(271.79 KiB) Downloaded 363 times
(347.27 KiB) Downloaded 355 times
Update: removed blocked fields
(20.66 KiB) Downloaded 358 times

Re: Suboptional Mapdesigns

PostPosted: 26.04.2017, 12:20
by Seraph07

The three examples are updated.
Now you can have a feeling how this change will look ingame.