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Creating a 32x32 map

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Post 30.06.2015, 18:33

Creating a 32x32 map

Hello ThexJoker and alexinator,

you two are the only ones left (atm) which create 32x32 maps. Which is awesome and you should get more recognition but that is a other topic.

Survivor Coop maps are extremely long maps with the main focus on the best deffspots (hopefully at the end) and something to deff the low creeps which unfortunately passed the maindeff.
So what about the stuff before our maindeff?
It is important to set ideal slows for max slow or to get some creeps together/apart.
When the game reaches its endgame the ions cannot reach our maindeff anymore and the map gets fully placed with tower. Now you achieved your fulldeff. For Big Combo Easy and Medium this means you will have to wait untill you die. But since our KI is broken and sends only a few raptors everyround for the rest of the game (till round 480) it is kinda broken.
Your fulldeff is now able to deff every creep and you cannot die untill you sell your deff.
This state of the game is stupid. You have no further progress.

We had this for Big Combo Hard too, so I changed its values at a higher point. Now you should die before the KI goes brainafk and forgetts how to send motherships. But you cannot do this for Easy and Medium. What would the point be playing Easy with the same values as Hard?

So I cannot change the values - but we can change the path.

There has to be less path before the maindeff. We have to do something different with our new maps which blocks the problem.

Speeding the path.
Like we did in Galaxycoop.

Splitting the path / blocking space with the path.

Blocking fields.

Please help us to make better maps under this circumstances.

WDYT about this issue and how can we solve it?


Post 30.06.2015, 18:33

Re: Creating a 32x32 map




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Post 01.07.2015, 16:28

Re: Creating a 32x32 map

Thank you for the explanation of this issue . It´s a shame, but there are some options to prevent it, like you mentioned. I think blocking first 3-5 rows of each future 32x32 map may could solve the issue, so that the entire map is a little smaller. I´ll take this problem into account for my next 32x32 maps.


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Post 02.07.2015, 20:00

Re: Creating a 32x32 map

Well explained Seraph. Apparentely since we both don't have any access to the KI the only way of solving this issue for us is the way you proposed. For us it just means. Blocking paths shortening maps and increasing the KI values.
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