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CTD Tutorial (Alpha) 0.511 (outdated)

PostPosted: 26.04.2012, 18:22
by EasyX
Hey guys :)

I working on a english Tutorial to help all new players!

At the end this will be a reference book for everything related to CreepTD.

It's not finished, but i want nothing to hide from you.

Check it time by time if a new version is available.

Attention: The tutorial is based on 1.0, with 1.1 the defense has changed (new tower balancing).

pdf file (low quality)

Re: CTD Tutorial (Alpha) 0.511

PostPosted: 21.05.2012, 14:36
by LouigiVerona
Hey man!
This looks really nice. Keep up the good work!
Maybe I will contribute a little by fixing some of the English to make it perfect, but this is not too important. Everything is clear and well drawn!

Re: CTD Tutorial (Alpha) 0.511

PostPosted: 01.06.2012, 17:59
by Daninja
Actually, I'm already helping EasyX with the corrections :)