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How To: Send Creeps

PostPosted: 12.02.2012, 15:17
by krunx
So many players, especially beginners, send the incorrect Creeps! They give away so much income and pressure.
If you bring your opponent into a situation where he can only defend and you can generate significantly more income than he generates, you will win pretty quickly.
Whoever sends correctly can make sure that his opponent has more pressure and needs to spend more money for towers.


1. What Creeps should I send ?

Because I want to put pressure on the opponent and will force him to build, I always send the strongest creep. It may be worth it to save for some nasty creeps, but that depends very much on the game situation and the map. It may also be worth it to send little creeps in order to maximize your income, because the opponent has enough defense to kill the creeps you can send anyway.

In general, it is enough for beginners to play completely without saving and utilizing income maximization waves because it can go enormously wrong! An exception to this are the beginning and the end of the game!

2. When do I send creeps?

We try to make the number of creeps to defend as large as possible. Therefore it is best to send the following scheme:
Round XY: Sending Creeps at the very end of the round. (1-2 seconds until the next round)
Round XY +1: Sending Creeps at the very beginning of the round (15-14 seconds until the next round)

This principle is extremely important and should never be violated. There are very few exceptions, where a different pattern can be effective:
Beginning of the game
End of the game
Save to a Creep
Attaching Creeps

3. How much distance is reasonable between the Creeps?

In small groups (2-4 Creeps) it makes it even more difficult and expensive to defend the Creeps if there is less distance. If you can see however, that the opponent has a lot of group damage, then it makes more sense to send the creeps at a distance of 0.5-1 seconds. The distance plays an important role for how expensive it is to defend against the creeps, even if initially you don't believe it!

Special tactics

Timing / combos:

You need some knowledge of the map in order to correctly apply these tactics. But it is extremely effective and is an absolute standard of a good player.
The principle is very simple:
You send according to known pattern initial 2 slow red Creeps from the 4th Column going. Then you wait a bit and send(2-6) quick blue Creeps, they may render even a lap later, again white unslowbale Creeps, and ensures that a lot of creeps come to the same spot where the enemy has most of his towers. Thus, the opponent must now defend not only creeps out of 2 rounds, but from up to 6 rounds.
The difficulty is to find the right moment to send the individual creep waves.


Saving for certain Creeps can be very effective and can exert additional pressure on the opponent. Saving is appropriate only if the opponent defending from the creeps has low health and is near death or will be in the foreseeable future. This fact means that you usually save when you play on short maps and / or lifes are extremely costly, because the opponent has only a few of them.
There are a number of things to note:

1. Which Creep is suitable ensure this?

The creep must be a fast, which means that in practice you only save on Creeps of the 2nd or 3 Column (blue and white).
The Creep must be significantly stronger than all the other creeps who you could send otherwise. I personally save mainly to the following Creeps:

Ray, Speedy Raider, Shark, Racing Mamba, Phoenix, Express Raptor

2. How long should you save up?

This is extremely dependent on how much life your opponent has. To save more than 3 rounds makes sense only if the opponent with the wave, either directly dies or through defending the Creeps has no chance to win. In all other situations the longer saving costs too much income.

3. When should I send the saved Creep?

Usually it is advisable to send the creeps so that you do when your opponent makes it through, just one more turn may depend on the creep.

Attaching Creeps:

If the opponent lets a creep get through the end, then it is extremely effective to send the same Creep next to this Creep as it passes through again. Therefore it is useful to know how long the Creep needs to pass through the map.

Re: How To: Send Creeps

PostPosted: 12.02.2012, 15:21
by krunx
The first article was translated with the help of google-translations. Since a lot of very specific technical terms are used, it is extremely difficult to translate the text correctly. If you find mistakes, please report me via Pm so I can correct them.

Re: How To: Send Creeps

PostPosted: 12.02.2012, 21:22
by Ximon
Da sind sehr viele Fehler drin, die sogar Laien sofort aufffallen!

There are lots of mistakes, even noobs recognize them..

Google Übersetzer ist doch der letzte mist..

Re: How To: Send Creeps

PostPosted: 12.02.2012, 21:29
by krunx
Dann nenn mal ein paar, habe schon einige rausgenommen, aber man sieht relativ schnell nicht mehr, wenn man vorher den Text auf Deutsch geschrieben hat und weiß, was da stehen soll.

Re: How To: Send Creeps

PostPosted: 30.03.2012, 15:59
by Pezinator
Also wegen Fehler: Meiner Meinung nach:
1. Zeile: incorrect entweder send creeps incorretly oder send the incorrect creeps
dann: I will always send the strongest creep und ich denke, dass man:" it may be worth to spend" sagen kann du brauchst das it nicht
gleich danach: it may also be worth to send creeps, (Satzstellung)

da weiß ich nicht was du meinst: In general, it is enough for beginners to play completely without saving and income maximization waves, because it can be enormously go wrong! --> ich denke du meinst because it can be enormously effecitve

it needs some knowledge

was du mit: when the opponent makes it through meinst ist mir auch nicht klar!

Sonst habe ich bis auf ein paar kleine Satzstellungsfehler nichts gefunden!

ps: wollte nur helfen! Nicht meckern! Und bitte entschuldigt, falls ich etwas fälschlicherweise für falsch befunden habe

Re: How To: Send Creeps

PostPosted: 25.05.2013, 22:35
by ironman347
thanks man i've been losing because of my "bum-rushing" tactics but now im doing better,thanks to you