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Advanced Tower Creep Calculation thing table..

PostPosted: 07.09.2013, 21:07
by AzulShiva

Creepy calculation tool that gives u accurate results on how much damage which creep receives by which tower. Further features include selecting path type (eg: straight, edge, uturn, Quadcore) setting the tower distance of the path (vertical and horizontal offset) and offset (one way offset) enabling effect by slow towers.
Probably not very useful for a map like richtungswechsel, but could be of great help for simpler stuff like speedvector, greenvector or quadcore.
There is a bug in the program that has been on my todo list for about 1 week now but im obv too lazy to fix it, if u enter a "Distance to path" value that way exceeds the towers range it will display funny results instead of 0.


Download link: ... sp=sharing

have fun with that,
regards azul

Re: Advanced Tower Creep Calculation thing table..

PostPosted: 09.09.2013, 00:22
by gyasar
Thank you for the document. I think it's going to be very useful not to build any unnecessary tower in the future. Well, at least, It will give an idea about it ;) I have also another document which shows similar things but it is not as much detailed as this one. Good job!