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The random send mode

PostPosted: 05.06.2013, 01:52
by Ximon
The random send mode

The chance to get a creep is 1/3 (33,33%).
Sometimes it seems that there are patterns, but this is just luck or misfortune, but be sure, if you are skilled, you will win.

There are 2 possibilities:

1. (extreme) incomegame
2. normal game

1.(extreme) incomegame:

Incomegames are very easy to perfom and work well.
You send creeps to push your cncome.
- first row (to max. 50.000 income)
- second row (to 800.000 income)
- from 800.000 a mix of huge titan and toucan.

In between be sure that all players have pressure and got enough defence, because if they don't have, you should send them strong Creeps to force them. (for example at 50.000 income 4 sharks) If they don't get those creeps, try again next rounds.

Moreover you only need to defend the bare necessities and don't care about your lives. It is enough, when you get to the endgame with 1-3 lifes. Sell towers, if you don't get strong creeps. (it is worth it after 3 rounds!)

2. normal game

You should focus on the incomegame, but also send strong creeps.

at 2.000 inc Ray
at 4.000 inc 2x S. Raider
at 8.000 inc 2x B. Toucan
at 15.000 inc 2x Vulture
at 25.000 inc 2x Sharks and so on

With this way you do make pressure and force your opponent to build towers.

Your own income is not the max. possible, but you have the same with others. It is suitable to beginners.

Hope it helped you,