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Change my username and email

PostPosted: 08.02.2024, 19:43
I created this account years ago and since then I use a whole different username and email on the internet.

Is it possible to change them? I found a related topic but it didn't get more messages:
And, if the change is possible, will it show the new one in the previous game history?

Re: Change my username and email

PostPosted: 09.02.2024, 03:20
by Knappe8
As far as I am aware, there is no way to change that stuff.
I am not sure about the E-Mail thing. Maybe you can change that somehow? But I have never heard, that you can alter your username.

Many people use different / multiple accounts in CTD. I know this is not the same, as you can't see your history. Still this is the only possibility that comes to my mind. I don't think dcode will change that. But you could try to send him a PM with your request.