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PostPosted: 07.03.2014, 22:06
by GhostStalker
first of all i just wanna say how messed up it is that i've been gone a month, and there are still questions on the forum that have not been answered since before i took a break. seriously, 0 replies! wth guys?

Re: wth

PostPosted: 07.03.2014, 23:51
by xdXP
Welcome to the club.

Re: wth

PostPosted: 08.03.2014, 00:05
by krunx
Which important questions aren't answered?

Re: wth

PostPosted: 18.03.2014, 19:15
by GhostStalker
just all the ones in the forums that have gone unanswered. players, fans of the game are important, which makes any question they ask important. all of the unanswered questions are the one i am referring to, not a particular one or group.

nur all die, die in den Foren, die unbeantwortet gegangen. Spieler sind Fans des Spiels wichtig, die jede Frage, die sie bitten wichtig macht. alle offenen Fragen sind die, die ich mich beziehe, nicht ein bestimmtes oder eine Gruppe.

Where did the steadfast dedication go?