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unable to join game

PostPosted: 08.06.2013, 19:17
by 1997
I try to join a game that has a password. My friend told me the password to go into the game room is something but when I try typing it, it wouldn't let me go in. I type the exact same password that my friend did and the game won't let me go in. Why?

Re: unable to join game

PostPosted: 09.06.2013, 01:06
by Holzi91
maybe the game was already full or you joined as a spec and specs were not allowed

Re: unable to join game

PostPosted: 09.06.2013, 01:44
by 1997
The game wasn't full though. My friend just gave away the password to play the game to 3 people including me.

For example, My friend created a game and the password was 'Orange'
I typed 'Orange' and it doesn't let me join :evil:

Re: unable to join game

PostPosted: 09.06.2013, 02:40
by dcode
If it neither wasn't full, nor you were out of the skill range specified by the host, the password must have been wrong. It may be worth to note that passwords are case sensitive, meaning that e.g. "Orange" differs from "orange". A common mistake may therefore be that capslock/all upper case letters had been turned on by accident. Also, if the game is already starting, you can no longer join to it (it's still displayed as being "open" for a few seconds in that case).