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Kicking with no apparent reason

PostPosted: 14.05.2013, 21:09
by DoubleM
Sometimes there are users that kick others with no apparent reason.

For example, moments ago i joined to the bafikylek game, i compliment, stay a while waiting for 4 players.. and when we are the 4 waiting to start the game, the player prefered to kick me and stay with only 3 players waiting for the 4th..

When i asked him the reason for the kick he merely replied "Why? I can´t kick? :)"

This thing upset me a lot. That´s not the first time this happen.

I suspect the reason is the higher xp/skilll but theres the option to limit the skill for some reason

Re: Kicking with no apparent reason

PostPosted: 14.05.2013, 23:18
by Seraph07
Make sure that they understand how to use the skill-limit.
Mostly players dont kick you because they dont like you, it happens because they fear to lose.

A tutorial would be a first step. For now give the players informations and hope that they use the function.